Stainless Steel Rapid Fittings

Made in Taiwan | Stainless Steel 304 & 316 Materials

Rapid fittings are one of the most extensive applications for pneumatic tubing. It’s a common and popular connection especially in industrial applications for all kinds of soft tubes including but not limited to polyurethane, polyamide (nylon), polyethylene, and polyvinyl chloride.

The so-called “Rapid fittings” are designed with a bulge which makes the tubing completely mounted on fitting itself and fixed simply by a nut. The connection is solid, but still could be easily dismounted or exchanged.

Stainless material makes the fittings durable with both high operating pressure up to 45 Kgf/cm2 & high-temperature resistance. We could also say the working pressures and temperatures depend on which type of tube is used.

Rapid fittings will be your favorable choice and experience.


1. Chemical resistance
High level of corrosion resistance and transfer the fluid in a clean manner. Able to adapt in alkali, acid, and almost all of the chemicals.

2. User friendly
Easy to install manually; all you need is a wrench.

3. Safety
Stainless fitting comes with better pressure & temperature resistance than most tubes to make reliable operation.

4. Reuse
Able to reuse, and easy to uninstall when replacing a tube.


Different varieties of flexible tubing including materials of Teflon, PU, Nylon … etc.

Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure the tube is cut neatly before installation.
    Mount the bulge into the tube until its cross-section touches the surface of the body.
  1. Fasten the nut until the nut hole is aligned with position A.
    Do not over-torqued or the tube might be broken.

Product Pictures