PTFE Single Ferrule Compression fittings

Made in Taiwan | PTFE (Teflon®) Materials

PTFE Fitting is single-ferrule designed coming with easy installation for tubing connection.
PTFE is a chemically resistant material, which features high chemical resistance, a broad temperature range, and an extremely low coefficient of friction.
PTFE provides high resistance to corrosion and non-adhesiveness property; hence it ensures high purity in systems.
It is widely applied in all kinds of chemicals to accommodate soft tubes including but not limited to PTFE, PFA, polyurethane (PU), polyamide (Nylon), polyethylene(PE), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


1. Chemical resistance
Highest level of corrosion resistance. Able to adapt to alkali, acid, and almost all the chemicals. Performance is superior to stainless materials.

2. Temperature resistance
High-temperature resistance up to 120°C; working pressure under 8kgf/cm2 (20°C).

3. Non- Adhesiveness
Transfer the fluid in a clean manner and ensure system purity.

4. User friendly
No tools are needed, nuts can be finger tightened.


This series is made of white Teflon (PTFE), suitable for strong acid and alkali solvent environments such as hydrochloric acid. It is recommended to be used with Teflon tubes.

Installation Instructions

Fully insert the tube into the fitting and against the shoulder; rotate the nut finger-tight. While holding the fitting body steady, tighten the nut one turn.

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