KYT Food Grade Transparent Tube

KYT is acid/alkali resistance as Teflon material, while it shows higher levels of flexibility even softer than PU tube. It’s non-PVC material with low elution/odor, and it is compliant with RoHS 2.0 and Japanese food sanitation law. It is suitable for transferring food, beverage, cosmetics, also some solvents like Alcohol, Ether, Acetone, Ester, etc.


Alcohols, solvents, chemicals, oil, water, beverages


  • Food, Beverage, Liquor, and Brewing
  • Alcohol, Cosmetics, and Fragrance
  • High Purity Chemicals such as Fine Chemical
  • Chemical Piping such as Acid and Alkali
  • Waste Inks
  • As a Protection of the Fluid which is affected by PVC Plasticizer
  • As an Alternative for Silicon Tubing


  • Flexibility:Compared with other non-PVC tubing, it shows higher levels of flexibility and greatly improves work efficiency.
  • Non-PVC:Eco-friendly tubing, which is made of Olefin Resin and Styrene Resin Elastomer.
  • Environment-Friendly:Restrain the production of harmful gas, even if it is burned.
  • Plasticizer-Free:Does not contain plasticizers, and it is an oil-free tubing.
  • Low Elution and Low Odor:Compared with PVC tubing, elution levels are low and it is suitable for transferring food, beverage, and cosmetics.
  • Chemical Resistance:Since the inner layer is made of Olefin Resin, it shows great chemical resistance.
  • Easy to Cut:Cut mark is showing on the hose every meter, so it is easy to cut the length you prefer.
  • Transparency:Enable to check the fluid easily.

Materials / Structure


Model NumberO.D. x I.D.
Working Pressure Mpa
Working Pressure Mpa
Min. Bend Radius
Temp. Range
Standard Length
E5KYT-04024 x 20~0.20~0.05200~70100Clear
E5KYT-05035 x 30~0.20~0.05250~70100Clear
E5KYT-06046 x 40~0.20~0.05300~70100Clear
E5KYT-07057 x 50~0.150~0.05450~70100Clear
E5KYT-08068 x 60~0.150~0.05500~70100Clear
E5KYT-09069 x 60~0.20~0.05400~70100Clear
E5KYT-120812 x 80~0.150~0.05500~70100Clear


As you can see in the video, there is no elution of plasticizer from KYS hose. It is the best choice for your food, alcohol, cosmetic, or perfume manufacturing process.