PU (Polyurethane) Tube with resistance of water / oil

PU tube is Polyether type which comes with strong resistance to water, oil, and cold temperature.

It’s been commonly used on the dental chairs, and its life-cycle is averagely above 6 years which saves unnecessary wastes of consumables and labor cost on replacements.

Remark: According to the feedback from industrial users, HAKKO PU tube is much more durable than other brands, even working over 10 years without replacement.


Water, oil, air


  • Water in Dental equipment
  • Air Tool at Automobile Body Shop
  • Air Hose for Air Inflator and Air Compressor
  • Air Hose for Building Painting, Air Duster, and Woodworking


  • Water/oil Resistance:Since it’s made of Polyether type material, it shows strong ability on water/oil resistance which has long working endurance, and keeps flexibility without hardening
  • Duration:Polyurethane resin is strong in abrasion resistance. Thus, it is suitable for air tools such as air drivers.
  • Flexibility:flexible than Nylon tubes for better working efficiency
  • Cold resistance:Polyurethane resin is great at cold resistance. Thus, even though the temperature reaches around -20°C, it does not get harden, keeping the work efficiency.
  • Light weight:Weight is lighter than PVC for better operation and protects your wrists and arms from injury

Materials / Structure


Model NumberO.D. x I.D.
Working Pressure Mpa
Min. Bend Radius
Temp. Range
Standard Length
E5PU-04254 x 2.5-0.1~0.610-20~80200Black, Blue, Orange, Sky blue
E5PU-06046 x 4-0.1~0.615-20~80200Black, Blue, Orange, Sky blue
E5PU-08058 x 5-0.1~0.623-20~80100Black, Orange, Sky blue
E5PU-106510 x 6.5-0.1~0.630-20~80100Black, Orange, Sky blue
E5PU-120812 x 8-0.1~0.635-20~80100Black, Orange, Sky blue