Anti-Static Electricity Solvent Transfer Hose

Anti-Static Solvent Transfer Hose is suitable for various painting spray guns or facilities, and it shows a higher ability to eliminate static electricity which is your best choice for working safety.


Chemicals, paint, ink, air


  • Manual Painting such as Automobiles, Motorcycles and Auto Parts
  • Manufacturing Plants of Solvents and Paints
  • Air and Chemicals which require measurements against Anti-Static electricity (Splash Charge)


  • Ground Wire:Without taking the ground wire out of the hose, the splash charge can be prevented.
  • Remove Static Electricity:With the ground wire and the conductive line, it shows higher ability to remove the static electricity(Patent Registered) no matter how long the hose is.
  • Solvent Resistance:Since the inner layer is made of Nylon resin, it shows greater levels of solvent resistance against paints, organic solvents, thinner and so on.
  • Lightweight:Compared with the conventional paint hose made of rubber, it is lighter to reduce the burdens of your wrists and arms.
  • Flexibility:Due to the laminated structure, it shows higher levels of flexibility and kink-proof compared with Nylon tubing.
  • Easy to Cut:Cut mark is showing on the hose every meter, so it is easy to cut the length you prefer.
  • Transparency:Enable to check the fluid easily.

Materials / Structure


Model NumberO.D. x I.D.
Working Pressure Mpa
Working Pressure Mpa
Min. Bend Radius
Temp. Range
Standard Length
E5PU-9565-SV9.5 x 6.50~1.50~0.750-20~60100Clear
E5PU-10575-SV10.5 x 7.50~1.50~0.760-20~60100Clear
E5PU-1495-SV14 x 9.50~1.50~0.780-20~60100Clear