PU (Polyurethane) Yarn Reinforced Tube

PU (Polyurethane) Yarn Reinforced Tube is suitable for various painting spray guns or facilities. The reinforced yarn design is strong in abrasion and cold resistance, moreover, it withstands a maximum working pressure of 15KG.

However, it’s not able to eliminate static electricity. If you have concerns about static electricity, please refer to Anti-Static Electricity Solvent Transfer Hose.


Water, oil, air


  • Air Tool at Automobile Body Shop
  • Air Hose for Air Inflator and Air Compressor
  • Air Hose for Building Painting, Air Duster and Woodworking


  • Duration:Polyurethane resin is strong in abrasion resistance. Thus, it is suitable for air tools such as air drivers.
  • Cold Resistance:Polyurethane resin is great at cold resistance. Thus, even though the temperature reaches around -20°C, it does not get harden, keeping the work efficiency.
  • Lightweight:Weight is lighter than PVC for better operation and protects your wrists and arms from injury
  • Easy to Cut:Cut mark is showing on the hose every meter, so it is easy to cut the length you prefer.

Materials / Structure


Model NumberO.D. x I.D.
Working Pressure Mpa
Working Pressure Mpa
Min. Bend Radius
Temp. Range
Standard Length
E5PU-1065-NF10 x 6.50~1.50~0.640-20~60100Orange
E5PU-12585-NF12.5 x 8.50~1.50~0.655-20~60100Orange
E5PU-15511-NF15.5 x 110~1.50~0.666-20~60100Orange