Flexible Fluorine (PVDF) Resin Yarn Reinforced Hose


Chemicals, paint, ink, food, alcohols, oil, powder


  • Chemicals used in Laboratory Equipment
  • Chemicals used in Semiconductor-Related Devices and Flat-Panel Display (FPD) Manufacturing Devices
  • Beverage and Food
  • Alcohol, Cosmetics, and Chemicals
  • Chemicals used in Medical Equipment, Endoscope, and so on
  • Chemicals used in Manufacturing Fuel Cell and Pure Water
  • Air Supplying Pipes at Clean Room
  • Screw, Metal Powder, and Solids


  • Chemical Resistance:Since the inner layer is made of PVDF fluorine resin, it resists most of the chemical substances.
  • Flexibility:Due to the laminated structure, it is superior in flexibility and improves work efficiency.
  • Gas Barrier:The inner layer of PVDF fluorine has a higher level of gas barrier property, which is suitable for the fluid with high volatility.
  • Non-Adhesiveness:Fluorine resin is superior in water-proof and non-adhesiveness, and the fluids could be washed out easily.
  • Plasticizer-Free:Does not contain plasticizers and it is an oil-free tubing.
  • Non-PVC:Made of a non-PVC material.
  • Low Elution and Low Odor:Contain very low levels of elution and odor, and highly recommended for transferring food, beverage, and cosmetics.
  • High Purity:Does not contain any additives such as plasticizer, so it is suitable for transferring high purity chemical fluids.
  • Easy to Cut:Cut mark is showing on the hose every meter, so it is easy to cut the length you prefer.
  • Transparency:Enable to check the fluid easily.

Materials / Structure


Model NumberO.D. x I.D.
Working Pressure Mpa
Working Pressure Mpa
Min. Bend Radius
Temp. Range
Standard Length
E5PDB-3015 x 90~1.00~0.565-20~8020Clear
E5PDB-4018 x 120~1.00~0.585-20~8020Clear
E5PDB-5022 x 150~1.00~0.5105-20~8020Clear
E5PDB-6026 x 190~1.00~0.5135-20~8020Clear
E5PDB-8033 x 250~1.00~0.3175-20~8020Clear
E5PDB-12041 x 320~0.50~0.25225-20~8020Clear
E5PDB-14048 x 380~0.50~0.25265-20~8020Clear
E5PDB-20062 x 500~0.40~0.2500-20~8020Clear